Physics assimilation
Updated: 4/6/2021
Physics assimilation

Storyboard Text

  • Okay, you take care, there's a storm coming tonight.
  • Hey! why are you still here? It's getting late.
  • Yeah sure man, you too.
  • Hey man, I'm already on my way home, don't worry.
  • Oh no, it's starting to rain!
  • Let's take cover over there!
  • I'm almost there!
  • I think we're so unlucky, it's a thunderstorm.
  • Faster man! You're gonna get wet!
  • Hey, do you know how thunderclouds generate potential difference or voltage?
  • No, how?
  • So you're saying that lightning exists because of this?
  • Apparently, the molecules at the clouds move constantly and eventually, the particles form a negatively charged and a positively charged pole.
  • The objects on the ground become opposite this charge and the ground and the thundercloud try to balance this by making charges flow from high potential energy to low potential energy.
  • Wow! That's very interesting. Now we should wait for this thunderstorm to stop so we can go home.
  • Exactly! once either of the two reaches the other, a way is provided for energy to flow and lightning occurs!