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Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi - Book Report
Updated: 10/3/2020
Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi - Book Report
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Quarter 1 book review- 258 pgs.

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  • What are you making mom?
  • Only my favorite thing! Gingerbread!!
  • I just want to unlive myself.
  • Let's just focus on getting you better...
  • I was dreaming about Druhastrana.
  • Ok, I'll tell you about it when we get to go home.
  • Harriet is the mother to Perdita. Harriet is obsessed with making gingerbread, which she leaned to make it from her home village Druhastrana. Perdita has always wanted to go to Druhastrana. Perdita's grandmother, Margot, is a vital part of the story.
  • Gretel, Gabriel, Kercheval.......
  • Perdita has always wanted to go to her mother's home village, but she has mental health problems. So one day she decided that she would alter her mother's gingerbread recipe to try and harm herself.
  • It's good to see you again!
  • When Harriet finds Perdita, she is dreaming of the Druhastrana. Which is very odd considering that she'd never been there. When she gains concionness, she tells her mother, where Harriet finally decides to reveal her past.
  • We need to leave this in the past and move on.
  • You guys can stay in one of our houses if you want.
  • Harriet talks to Perdita about her past. She talks about Perdita's father Gabriel, her best friend Gretel, and the Kercheval's, the abusive household she grew up in.
  • When Perdita was healthy again, Harriet, Perdita, and Margot travel to Druhastrana. There they meet the Kercheval's. Also, they reach a level of understanding with Gabriel. Perdita is accepted as apart of the family.
  • During the visit the Lee women are offered to live in one of the Kercheval's houses. One of the houses can only be opened with two wooden rings, which Harriet and Gretel have. By the end of the book Harriet decides that she needs to let go of her past, and move on.
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