A day in a school life
Updated: 1/12/2020
A day in a school life
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  • In weekdays, I wake up at 6:45 AM. It is little bit hard but I have a reason. First of all, I have breakfast and then prepare my lunch, because of my body building exercise.
  • The time is 6:45. A long day is starting.
  • The weather is still dark. Who am I ? A special forces police ?
  • Now I am cooking omlette, chicken, and pasta. First one is my breakfast, others are my lunch. Oh yes, the time is 7 o'clock.Sometimes I miss the school bus because of this situations.
  • Again my parents will be mad at me because of the food smell. I think the chicken's smell is good but maybe not in the morning.
  • I can't understand anything. Why teachers are speaking so fast ?
  • WROOOONG, any other ideas ?
  • In TOBB ETU, we are learning and studying English at the moment. English is very important to my department and my whole life. In these days, I am trying to adapt my new class and new semester. Of course they are trying to adapt too.
  • When have we seen this grammar subject ? I think I should start studying English.
  • I think the answer is B, teacher.
  • HOW COME ??
  • Hey guys ! Let's eat your food quickly and go to the dogs.
  • This cake is incredibly delicious. I need this more...
  • In the lunch break, me and my friends are meeting and eating our meals. Most of the time I eat same foods and my friends ask me How can I do this every morning. My answer is short. Just discipline.
  • HEHEHE, yeah. Chicken and pasta. If you eat like this, your muscles get bigger.
  • What are you eating today, Umut? Is it the same as yesterday ?
  • Sometimes me and my frinds go to the university campus and petting dogs. Now I am looking a very cute dog and trying to speak the dog. I am happy but my friend,is not. His name is Alişan. He is tying to escape from another dog. I think his smell is the problem because he has a cat. So his clothes are smell like a cat.
  • I have never seen a cute dog like this. What is your name ?
  • After the school, me and Kağan go to the gym. We like training so much. After the training, I go back home and eat dinner with my family. After that I do my homework and study English. This is nearly my day and I am happy with my daily routine.
  • Are you ready for the exercise ?
  • OF course I am. I have been waiting for this exercise since friday. Let's lift some heavy weights.
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