comic frankenstein
Updated: 3/24/2020
comic frankenstein

Storyboard Text

  • Frankenstein started to talk about his family
  • my family is a very well-known an respected family in the city of Geneva. My father got married late in life to a women younger than him....
  • what hapened to you?
  • Elizabeth gets the scarlet fever and was in danger dying, my mother nursed her and finally, eli was saved and my mother got it and died.
  • Vvictor arrived to Ingolstadt to study
  • what interested me most was the structure os the human body and what it´s that gives us life.
  • I started to create a monster, with shiny, long, blsack hair, good features and perfect white teeth. I calledde him Frankenstein
  • We are waiting eagerly for you to come back home and see you. Dad is well, brother Ernest is waiting to go to the army, Justine has come to help at home and William the youngest brother has grown in your absence.
  • I recieved a letter from Elizabeth
  • I received a letter from my father
  • william has been murdered, we think that was because he was wearing mom´s necklaces.
  • inmediatly I wrote back though the effort tired me very much
  • I decided to go back home and take care my family.
  • When I arrived to Geneva, I couldn´t sleep so I decided to go and find the place where William was murdered. While I was walking, a storm began and in a sudden flash of lightning I saw figure standing beside some trees close by, it was a huge, ugly figure. I recognised him inmediatly- It was the monster, the one that had murdered my brother!I began to tremble so violently that I had lean against a tree for support. The figure passed me quickly and vanished in the darkness.
  • At the trial Justine was able to explain everything that happened except the necklace, Frankenstein knew that the monster had put it on her dress to incriminate her from William's death. Elizabeeth sure of Justine's innocence asked the jury to declare her innocent like Frankenstein but this was not enough. Justine was found guilty and executed, Frankenstein now knew that there were two deaths on his consciousness but did not know how he could fix it