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comic frankenstein part 2
Updated: 3/25/2020
comic frankenstein part 2
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  • someone has been coming near to me, it was the monster, my creation
  • murdered, I´ll kill you for what you´ve done
  • I expected these words from you, Everyone hates ugly,miserable creatures like me. You created me, but you hate me. You even intend to kill me.
  • But I ask you to do your duty towards me and if yoy agree with my conditions, I will leave you and yours in peace. However, if you refuse, I will kill you all
  • Yes! I´m breaking my promise! I will never create another creature like yourself. Your threats do not frighten me. Leave me!
  • I´ve been thinking how can I do the woman evil than the monster,what se would think about the uglt monster,... suddenly the monster appears!
  • You have destroyed the work wich you began. You are breaking your promise to me! Remember that I have the power to make your life miserable
  • Have I also murdered you,my dear friend? I have already been responsible for two deaths but you,my friend,my...
  • I hope that the sympathy of a stranger may help you a little, it was awfull for you, to land in a strange country when the first thing that you saw was the body of your murdered friend
  • my father spoke about marriage to elizabeth in 10 days
  • Do you want to marry me?
  • mmmOf course!
  • the wind became violent and suddenly there was a heavy storm of rain. Iwas getting terrified and Elizabeth too.
  • I saw the monster in the window, so I thought that was the monster revenge. I started criying with grief and despair.I kissed Elizabeth and left to Geneva to look for my brother and dad. I told him what happened and my father hart brokes anda a few days later it was my time of revenge.
  • It was my time for revenge, filled with rage. At night I heared a voice and a loud laugh saying that he was satisfied, I ran towards for the voice but he wasn´t there, I saw a gigant figure running away. I pursued him too much but never I could kill him or found it, he always rans away I croosed the mediterranean, in Russia and the last time was in the snow with a sledge driven by dogs. I spent in this way, many terrifying hours. I´m dying and I haven´t finished my task yet.So if I die before I find him, Walton you must promise me that you´re going to meet and kill him. Don´t listen his words, his going to try to persuade you, but don´t trust him. Remeber William, Justine, Clerval, Elizabeth, my father and kill him for me!
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