Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • Hmmm I wonder what made that apple fall from the tree?
  • Dang it! I dropped my Ice Cream. I hate gravity always making things fall!
  • At least gravity's attracted to me.
  • Hey Sarah I figured out that gravity makes every fall!
  • No one cares Isaac!
  • Hey Aidan do you need help?
  • Stinkin' friction! Making me not able to push this piece of furniture home.
  • Isaac was strolling in the park until an apple fell from a tree.  He thought long and hard about what caused this strange occurrence. Little did he know that I was gravity that made the apple fall.
  • He was so happy to hear that gravity was what made things drop and keeps us on Earth instead of floating off, due to the pull toward the center of the Earth.
  • As you can see, magnetism is a force, as it is "created" when magnets attract or parry each other.
  • Hmmm. I didn't know magnets are that attractive. If so why don't I carry around a magnet.
  • Meanwhile Isaac was going throughout the rest of his day until he found someone struggling. With a force called friction.
  • What! Why is it so attracted to lockers. Why not me!
  • Isaac was unaware of this force called friction. He asked Aidan to explain.
  • Despite his recent discoveries, Isaac went on at school to experience a force known commonly as magnetism. Yet, he didn't quite understand what magnets were magnetic to.
  • The next day, Isaac thought the magnet would attract to him, however, he was surprised to find the magnet more attracted the metal than him. As a result, he finally learned that all magnets are attracted the metal.
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