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Updated: 2/14/2020
COol dude

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  • "Then, with a gasp I can't contain, I shift my hand forward, and my blood sizzles on the coals." (Pg. 47)
  • Beatrice doesn't seem right.
  • "What's your name?" says Four. "Um," I hesitate. "You don't get to pick again," he tells me. "Tris," I say firmly.(Pg 60)
  • Tris. That's my name.
  • What's your name? You don't get to choose again.
  • The first jumpers a Stiff?
  • "You've never had a hamburger before?" Christina asks. "No. Is that what it's called?" I say. "Stiffs eats plain food," Four tells Christina. (Pg 125)
  • You've never had a hamburger before?!
  • No. Is that what it's called?
  • Stiffs eat plain food Christina.
  • And you chose to do this? Why didn't you get a government job?
  • "What rank were you?" Peter asks Four. "I was first," Four responds. "And you chose to do this? Whdidn't you get a y government job?" Peter asks. "I didn't want one," Four says flatly.
  • What rank were you?
  • I was first.
  • I didn't want one.
  • "If I help her, Eric will make my fate the smae as hers. Will I let her fall to her death, or will I resign myself to being factionsless." (Pg. 101-102)
  • Should I help her or not?
  • Only doing 5 panels so yeah this one isn't going to be anything except for this sign.