Perverse Dualism: Young Goodman Brown
Updated: 2/7/2020
Perverse Dualism: Young Goodman Brown

Storyboard Text

  • "pr'y thee, put off your journey until sunrise..."
  • "...I must tarry away from thee"
  • "The Devil!"
  • "A marvel, truly, that Goody Cloyse should be so far in the wilderness, at night-fall!"
  • "Then Goody Cloyse knows her old friend?"
  • "Faith! Faith! Look up to Heaven, and resist the Wicked One!"
  • "Bring forth the converts!"
  • "Young Goodman Brown came forth at sunset, into the street of Salem village, but put his head back, after crossing the threshold, to exchange a parting kiss with his young wife."
  • "What God doth the wizard pray to?"
  • "As he spoke, he pointed hist staff at a female figure on the path, in whom Goodman Brown Recognized a very pious and exemplary dame, who had taught him his catechism in youth..."
  • Holy Psalm
  • "At one extremity of an open space, hemmed in by the dark wall of the forest, arose a rock, bearing some rude, natural resemblance either to an alter or a pulpit, and surrounded by four blazing pines, their tops aflame, their stems untouched, like candles at an evening meeting."
  • "The next morning, young Goodman Brown came slowly into the street of Salem village, staring around him like a bewildered man."
  • "When the minister spoke from the pulpit, with power and fervid eloquence, and with his hand on the open Bible, of sacred truths of our religion, and of saint-like lives and triumphant deaths, and of future bliss or misery unutterable, then did Goodman Brown turn pail, dreading lest the roof should thunder down upon the gray blasphemer and his hearers."
  • "And when he lived long, and was borne to his grave, a hoary corpse, followed by Faith, an aged woman, and children and grand-children, a goodly procession, besides neighbors, not a few, they carved no hopeful verse upon his tombstone; for his dying hour was gloom."