best freids allways help

Updated: 3/11/2021
best freids allways help

Storyboard Description

it is lola and olivia that are best freinds they could not seper rate

Storyboard Text

  • hi i am lola and that is my friend olivia
  • hi i am lola and that is my friend olivia we are best friends
  • well we toke and ex-tray and your leg has a broken bone
  • no no that dog came bye he pushed me i am heart ow ow ow
  • let us go see the doctor
  • in that same day some thing happend
  • lola are you okay.
  • goodness no what happened
  • let us take a quick ex tray
  • well there was this dog it was a big dog that run very fast and i fell on my knee it hearts so so so bad
  • well there was a dog that came and ran lola fall and we went to the doctor that they toke and ex-tray and her leg was broken
  • okay
  • oh no
  • good
  • well how do you feel
  • well it's okay some time's things gota happen