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How a Zebra Got it's Stripes
Updated: 4/17/2020
How a Zebra Got it's Stripes
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  • Long ago, when animals were still new in Africa, the weather was very hot, and what little water there was remained in a few shallow pools.One of these remaining water pools was guarded by an evil elephant , who claimed that he was the 'lord of the water' and forbade anyone from drinking at his pool.
  • One fine day when a zebra came down to have a drink of water, elephant, who was sitting by his fire next to the waterhole, jumped up and barked in a loud voice. 'Go away, intruders. This is my pool and I am the lord of the water.'
  • The water is for everyone, not just for you, trunk-face!
  • If you want some of the water, you must fight for it!
  • Back and forth they went fighting, raising a huge cloud of dust, until with a mighty headbutt, the zebra sent the elephant flying far away to the edge of the Savannah.
  • The tired and bruised young zebra, not looking where he was going, staggered back through the baboon's fire, which scorched him, leaving black burns striped across his white fur.
  • The elephant and his family, however, remained on the outskirts of the Savannah to roam the land in search of a new pool to possess.
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