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Updated: 5/4/2020
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  • The world renowned murderer, Jûnlup has escaped. It is up to a skilled team to hunt him down and bring him back to the rulers of Abônôn.
  • Crown Princess of Abônôn
  • Lütapa
  • Lütapa grew up privileged as the princess. She yearned for adventure and longed to know what was beyond the walls of the palace. For years she had begged to go on an adventure, and her father allowed her on this one, much to her surprise.
  • Khárima
  • Khárima is from the town of Lüpa in Abônôn. Her mother was a healer and she inherited the skill. She was born in Maldird, the first season. When her brother goes missing, she searches for him. Along the way she befriends many and becomes a master healer. She is invaluable to the group.
  • Thief
  • Jâmpáy
  • Jâmpáy grew up on a ship with pirates. He learned his skill with a sword there and it is one of his many thieving skills. He took up stealing when they docked at a port in Dönba and is well known for many of his daring feats.
  • Tûlep
  • Monk of Earth
  • Tûlep grew up at a monastery in Ulèpè. He learned the ways of the Monks of Earth and studied that path. His father was the head monk of the Tùmbä (Earth) clan, and he is now, leading his people and teaching them the ways of the Monks of Earth.
  • Sûmilà
  • Assassin and Bounty Hunter
  • Sûmilà grew up in Tôshep with her family. When her family was killed by a fire, and she was the only survivor, she did what she had to do to survive. She took up being an assassin and bounty hunter, and is the designated leader of the group.
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