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History Project WA2
Updated: 3/30/2020
History Project WA2
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  • 4 April 1925
  • I Hitler, Personally Recruit You to be My personal Bodyguard!
  • Heil Hitler!!
  • Herbert Training to be SS
  • Attention!!
  • I must Trained Hard to Be the SS. In order to Avenge My Father!
  • 1929 at Nazi Office
  • I Appoint You to be the leader of SS!
  • Heil Hitler!!
  • At the Nazi Office, Hitler Formed his Own Personal Bodyguard, He Named it The “ Schutzstaffel ” Also Called the “SS”
  • 30 January 1933
  • I President Hindenburg, Appoint You to be Germany next Chancellor
  • Finally, i Became Chancellor!
  • The Requirements to be a SS, is to have an Aryan Ancestry for at least 150 years, Minimum Height to be 1.80 metres Tall and Must Be physically fit and in excellent health.
  • mid 1934 at the Nazi office
  • It seems like The SA is a Potential Rival To My Power! We Must Get Rid of Them!
  • Heinrich Himmler assumed the position of Reichsführer-SS with Hitler's approval
  • Night of 30 June 1934
  • President Paul von Hindenburg names Adolf Hitler, leader or führer. National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi Party), as chancellor of Germany
  • Hitler Planned To consolidate his power and settle old scores, By Executing His Potential Rivals. Hitler Ordered The SS to execute The SA Leaders and Commanding Officers.
  • Herbert then, Followed Hitler's Commands to Execute SA leader, Ernst Röhm, other SA Commanding Officers and Their Family Members. The Night Of the Long Knives Had killed 150 To 200 People.
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