Gravity or None
Updated: 3/16/2021
Gravity or None

Storyboard Text

  • We just receive a message from Mayor DeBlaso that all sports will come back this summer!
  • Why?! I haven't practice all year. Just my freaking luck...
  • Too bad they don't know I am friends with God himself. I can just snap my fingers and gravity will cease to exist
  • I see you want to ability to turn off gravity. I can grant you this wish, however, if any things happens I won't be in this world.
  • I promise it's only for a Physics Project
  • The ball is flying and it's not stopping!
  • Time to turn off gravity off now. Hehehe
  • OMG Jake is flying
  • Got the ball guys ... AHHHAHHHH. Why am I so high up?!?!
  • I should of thought this one through....