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12 Labors of Hercules
Updated: 2/19/2020
12 Labors of Hercules
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  • Hera said I need to kill Hercules...
  • Zues cheated on Hera (Greek godess of women) by impreganating a mortal princess. Consumed by rage, Hera tries to seek revenge for her husband's unfaithfulness by trying to kill his demigod son, Hercules. The first time she did so was by sending snakes to choke the baby Hercules. But it didn't work...
  • Hera tried to futhermore take out revenge on Zues through his son Hercules. Hera placed madness upon Hercules, and thus he was manipulated into killing his young family.
  • Filled with grief, Hercules is goes to Eurystheus (as advised by Apollo) and is told to complete tasks in order to cleanse himself from sins. However Eurystheus has been told by Hera to send Hercules to difficult tasks where he will die.
  • My son!
  • Hercules travels over the 3 worlds and conquers beasts (with the help of other God) and experiences near death experiences. In the process of many years Hercules finally completes the 12 Labours set out for him. Many of his friends die in the process, but Hercules returns home healthy (much to Eurystheus and Hera's dissapointment.)
  • Hercules was finally removed of his sins because he completed the Labours. He then asked for Deianeira's (a princess) hand in marraige.
  • When Hercules finally died, he was carried to Olmpus by Athena's chariot. He was welomed by his father and other gods.
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