Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Both Stalin and Trotsky knew that a lot of the communists would want Trotsky to rule and Stalin was willing to do anything to stay in power.
  • Trotsky fled to Mexico to avoid being assassinated by Stalin. However his location was found out.
  • Stalin sent Ramón Mercader to Mexico city undercover as someone instead in Marxism and who wanted to study under Trotsky.
  • He was brought into the community and was allowed to lean about Trotsky's ideal vision of communism.
  • Mercader was checked for weapons but soon became trusted within the community. The guards began to leave him alone and nor search him.
  • After a long time of waiting, Mercader saw his chance to assassinate Trotsky. He slipped an ice pick in his jacket and stabbed Trotsky leading to his death the next day.