math project
Updated: 4/17/2020
math project

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  • basically what im saying is, the power law is basically a rule, and that rule Is shown as (x^m)^N. you would then multiply the exponets x and m.
  • do you know what the power law is
  • no what is it? But im strong so I can do it
  • Are you sure about that? But the power law has to do with math, not physical strength
  • I knew that
  • this still dosnt make sence, but these boomers and bothering me a lot so im just gonna say I understand
  • the power law is that when a relative change in one quantity relative to another
  • huh??
  • a bird that knows more than you, now back to wat I was saying, the rule would show us that we would multiply the powers, 2x3. that equals 6 the new number form would be x^6
  • still don't understand
  • shut up, your a bird
  • are you a idiot lil jimmy, here is an example, (x^2)^3.
  • yeah that Is what is saying
  • now I get it.
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