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French Idian war
Updated: 9/29/2019
French Idian war
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US history

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  • You don't own this land France owns it.
  • OKay well this is war now.
  • DIE 
  • AHhAHA Okay man, I sUReNDer.
  • We don't want your idea we want to keep our power, nErd.
  • I have a idea how we can win the war.
  • France and Britain both thought that they owned the Ohio River Valley. After learning what the other thought they fought over it causing the French and Indian war.
  • Join me not him.
  • Washington set up a small fort.Soon came under attacks from the French and Native Americans. Washington surrenders and loses the first conflict, France wins at Fort Duquesne.
  • France is going to win the war, ha, losers.
  • That's what you think FRaNcE. I'm Prime Minister now and ya'll are gonna lose.
  • Benjamin Franklin created the Albany plan of union, it was a plan of union for how they can win the war. Everyone declined because it required them to give up some of their power.
  • Oh why are you CrYiNG. Is it because you lost the war? Boo hoo cry baby.
  • The British as the Iroquois Leaders, the six leaders of the most powerful nations, to help them fight the French. But they decided to stay neutral and not fight anyone.
  • We're not joining anybody. We're staying neutral.
  • France looked like they were going to win until 1757 when William Pitt got elected as Prime Minister. He had a great military background and was able to turn the war around and put Britain in the lead.
  • French surrendered after Britain dominated the war. They signed the Treaty of Paris officially ending the war in 1763.
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