The Pearl II

Updated: 8/19/2021
The Pearl II

Storyboard Text

  • I am sorry my friend. This pearl is like fool's gold
  • I can give you, say, a thousand pesos.
  • It is worth fifty thousand, you know it. You want to cheat me.
  • It is the Pearl of the World! No-one has ever seen such a pearl.
  • [Kino] struck [Juana] in the face...and kicked her in the side.
  • Greedy fingers went through [Kino's] clothes... searched him... the pearl.
  • The old life was gone forever. A dead man in the path and Kino's knife, dark bladed beside him.
  • A tall flame leaped into the dark with a crackling roar, and a tall edifice of fire lighted the pathway... It was [their] brush house
  • Will they follow us? Do you think try will ty to find us?
  • [We will go] to the north. [There] are cities in the north
  • They will try. Whoever finds us will take the pearl. Oh, they will try. 
  • [Kino] grasped the rifle,...aimed and fired between the eyes
  • [Kino's] great knife...bit through neck and deep into chest.
  • Kino was a terrible machine.
  • [Kino] whirled and struck the head of
  • [Kino and Juana] came along from the rutted country road. And Juana carried her shawl...and in it was a small limp heavy bundle. The shawl was crusted with dried blood, and the bundle swayed as they walked.
  • In the surface of the pearl [Kino] saw Coyotito lying in the little cave with the top of his head shot away. Kino...flung the pearl with all his might [into the sea].