India Storyboard 1

Updated: 12/11/2020
India Storyboard 1

Storyboard Text

  • The warriors are marching back from a far away land. They are members of the Kshatriyas varnas.
  • They get a warm welcome and a feast in their honor.
  • We shall feast in their honor!
  • And so they had a feast to honor themselves and their military.  And no one noticed the beautiful servant in the corner, except the young general.
  • And the general thought about that servant-girl all day long, and his father noticed.
  • Maybe I should go and say hi?
  • Son, as heir to the Main General of our army, I will not stand for you and a member of the Sudras varnas. I will find you a match of only the best! 
  • Yes, Father
  • But little did they know that the servant-girl was listening, and growing sadder by the minute.
  • "Very Quiet Sigh"
  • But he was determined to meet her one last time, so he followed her out after dark.
  • Hello there! What is your name?