Updated: 5/19/2020

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  • Hey Nina do you know anything about fractions?
  • Well of course Alli i'm not dumb, fractions are a number quantity that is a part over a whole or a proportion
  • Here once upon a time there was a half he was really lonely and never had anyone or anything to go with so the nicknamed him part
  • I'm still not completely understanding
  • So what happened after
  • Ah, but there is another part of the story once upon a time the was a whole, but he had no part to fill his other side and he too was lonely and sad
  • Ok, so the day came where part and whole met and when they did they did not like each other much, whole thought he was better than part.
  • So what happened next c'mon don't hold out on me.
  • Hey stop being to impatient ok eventually they grew on each other and realized they needed each other, and they came together and became the fraction everyone call part numerator and whole denominator together everyone called them fraction
  • Ok, and... c'mon tell me more
  • Ahh i'm finally home
  • And that is how the fraction became the fraction.