discipleship assignment

Updated: 3/18/2021
discipleship assignment

Storyboard Text

  • I possess the characteristic honesty because lying just brings you more guilt. and when that guilt it makes you feel worse than just telling the truth and facing the consequences.
  • oh no! thank you
  • you dropped your money here you go
  • I possess the characteristic selflessness because even if you may have to sacrifice something you're helping someone. putting others before yourself can create everlasting bonds of friendship.
  • oh no I lost my gum!
  • here you can have my last pack
  • I possess the characteristic of humility because bragging in someones face is rude and may hurt them. which is why showing humility can help someones self esteem. bragging can hurt the way people look at you
  • I won my first football game don't make a big deal
  • that's cool
  • I possess the characteristic of loyalty because being loyal can give both parties a certain accountability to be trustworthy. being loyal can build stronger relationships with others
  • I need help it's serious
  • don't worry i'll help you no matter what
  • I possess the characteristic of generosity because being generous cam not only make the other person feel good but it makes you feel good because you helped someone. being generous helps you to become a more thoughtful person
  • here, you can have some of mine
  • oh no I dropped my slice of cake
  • I possess the characteristic of compassion because if we go out of our way to help others we can make a difference in our world for the better. companionship helps us trust people. companionship helps us create bonds
  • here I can help
  • oh no I dropped my stuff