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Updated: 5/6/2020
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  • On October 3, 1942 Nazi Germany launched the V-2 rocket, developed by German engineer Wernher von Braun.
  • While this achievement should have been caused for world-wide celebration, the Nazis turned the V-2 rocket into a weapon and used it to rain explosives on the city of London.
  • The United States and the Soviet Union became outright enemies. Immediately after World War II, both nations scrambled to bring Germans with knowledge of the V-2 technology to their own country
  • Compounding these fears, between 1957 and 1975, the Soviet Union finished first at almost everything in the space race
  • They sent the first animal (a dog named Laika) and the first human (Yuri Gagarin) into orbit
  • In 1969, Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin of the Apollo 11 mission became the first humans to pilot a craft to the moon, land, and step onto it's surface
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