Trojan war 2.0
Updated: 3/18/2020
Trojan war 2.0

Storyboard Text

  • Servant! Come here I want you to kill the child. Do not doubt my decision.
  • They said that our child will destroy Troy what shall we do?
  • Yes master.
  • How are you still alive? I left you here a week ago. The gods must have done this. I will raise youlike my own.
  • For the most beautiful.
  • Go to a boy named Paris his judgment will be honest and fair.
  • Each person says it is theirs.
  • Choose me and I shall give you the most prettiest mortal.
  • I will give you wisdom and power.
  • I shall give you all of Europe and Asia
  • Hello Paris we have all come here to ask you which of us is most beautiful?
  • I choose you Aphrodite.
  • It was Paris v Athena and Hera.