Updated: 5/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Our story begins with Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective, and me, Dr. Watson, his partner in crime and roommate at 221B Baker Street.
  • One night, on March 20, 1888, Sherlock received a mysterious letter...
  • The letter was undated, unsigned and unaddressed, but quoted:Tonight, at eight o'clock, you will receive a visit
  • It's all a mystery. The man who wrote thisletter is surely a wealthy person.
  • No doubt, the paper comes from Bohemia and from the syntax I deduce that the man is German
  • As he spoke these words, the sound of horse hooves and the grinding of the wheels came up from the street.
  • Then some slow, heavy steps, which we had heard climbing the steps, stopped when they reached the door, and then a man with a mask came in.