Unknown Story
Updated: 6/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • The trees closed behind him and a chill went down his back. The forest was very quiet. The only light coming in was from cracks in between the trees. Jason walked toward the middle of the forest. He thought to himself “The forest can’t be so big. I’ll reach the end soon.
  • A small animal that looked like a hedgehog but it stood on 2 legs began to approach Jason. Jason tried getting on his feet but he had just noticed his feet were in a cast. He could not get up. “Hello there!” Said the creature approaching Jason. “I’m Pilot.” Jason tried keeping his cool “Um hi? I’m Jason.” “Where am I?’ “This is the village of Wheaterbrook,” Pilot replied.
  • Pilot came back holding a cup of tea. Jason eagerly grabbed the tea from Pilot and gulped the whole thing down. His vision then became fuzzy and he could not feel anything and for the second time today, he was out cold.