A view from the bridge - Act 1

Updated: 5/19/2020
A view from the bridge - Act 1

Storyboard Text

  • Catherine get's a job and everyone is happy for her except from Eddie. He wants her to finish school first and then work. In the end Beatrice and Catherine convince Eddie to let her take the job.
  • Marco and Rodolpho arrive illegally into this country and their cousin Beatrice has let them stay round until they have enough money to go back home. They need to find a job quickly.
  • They sit down and talk about their lives. We find out that Marco has a family and his eldest son is sick and they can't afford medicine so that's why he needs money. Rodolpho is still young and dreams about having a motorcycle. Eddie then starts to find Rodolpho a bit irritating.
  • Eddie starts to see that Catherine and Rodolpho are starting to fall in love; he does not like this at all. Catherine confesses to Eddie that she has feelings for Rodolpho and then Eddie starts to say lots of negative things about him. Catherine get's very, very upset and angry so she just ignores him.
  • Eddie decides to go and speak to Alfieri(lawyer).He tells him everything and Alfieri says to give the guy a chance but Eddie does not like this so he storms off back home.
  • Eddie then starts talking about boxing and teaches Rodolpho how to box. Then he 'accidentally' punches him. Marco sees that Eddie thinks he's the most powerful in this house. Marco makes Eddie pick up a chair; he can't do it. Marco shows him how it's done and gives a smile of triumph showing Eddie who's boss.