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Updated: 9/21/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Friends,In the news it told that we have to clean energy and save energy.
  • How we can clean energy.
  • We can do Clean energy by making wind-mills and solar panel.
  • Yes, you are write Aliya.
  • But I don't understand still.
  • Ok then,I will tell you another example.Burning coal is not good for earth because it produce smoke.when people's start cutting trees.There will be no Oxygen.When there is lot of CO2 then there will be global warmimg.
  • So do you know how to save energy.
  • This is a conversation between 3 friends.There discussion is what is clean energy and save nenrgy.How they can save them.Thank you🖐🏻
  • We don't know
  • Save energy means saving electricity
  • In dubai there is one place known as the sustainable socity.There they have many solar panels in the top of houses.
  • Now i understood that we can save electricity by getting sun's energi in the solar panel.
  • It's sunset already then bye!
  • Ok bye