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KG predator and prey relationships in a food web
Updated: 2/19/2020
KG predator and prey relationships in a food web
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  • Snake is the predator blending in with everything around it
  • I eat animals like rats and mouse, birds, fish and lizards. I am waiting for a rat
  • The mouse is scared and hoping that the snake won't eat it. but the snake is watching it.
  • Lunch!
  • I hope I am safe here from any predators like a snake
  • The rat gets eaten by the snake and the snake gets it's energy
  • The snake blends in with the grass around it to catch its prey(the rat). The snake is the predator that means that it hunts and kills other animals for food.
  • The rat dies and the snake leaves and the worms comes.
  • The mouse is the prey meaning it is the animal that the predator will eat so the animal that the snake will eat.
  • the snake attacks rat and the rat dies. The snake eats the rat and get's its energy.
  • A worm eats the dead body of an animal , a worm is a decomposer. Without decomposes plant's can't grow
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