Updated: 6/21/2021

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • I know  he is so cute i love him but i know we need an idea so the pharaoh can´t find him 
  • I think i have an idea....
  • The baby is adorable but we have a problem!the pharaoh will kill him if we don´t hide him 
  • We need to find a place were he can be safe
  • ok!
  • Come on ! He is not watching !shhhhsilence...
  • do you hear that ?
  • yes, i think is a baby crying 
  • GET DOWN !!!!
  • Ok
  • Ok, let's go !!
  • Is over there !!we need to keep going 
  • no, watch were they leave the baby
  • do i stop them ?
  • Yes, but we are going to visit him some days, until he grow up
  • He is going to be safe here, it is going to be weird not having him
  • i don´t hear the baby anymore
  • i think we lost it
  • hurry up 
  • come on!
  • This make´me feel so sad, but is the best GOODBYE WE LOVE YOU !
  • He is going to be safe this way