The Uncooperative Luck
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Uncooperative Luck
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A story containing all three types of irony

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  • Introduction
  • Dramatic Irony
  • ohh please no!
  • Situational Irony & Verbal Irony
  • okay okay.. I've got this, i just have to be careful enough
  • On a rainy day, Eric was sitting in the classroom listening to the professor giving them a very serious lecture about the Vietnam War. The professor was cautious with every word he said because the dean of the department is sitting at the back of the classroom.
  • It was clear to the students that the wall behind the professor was freshly painted; however, the professor was facing the students and had no clue until he leans back, coating his new suit jacket in bright white paint. he panicked and rushed out to go wash his suit before it dries and stays permanently! 
  • On his way out, the professor was so concerned with looking down to avoid puddles to a point that he forgets to look up and walks right under an awning that drenches him with rainwater. he got so pissed and shouted " i really like how this day is going, it's great".
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