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history martin luther
Updated: 10/15/2020
history martin luther
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  • Martin Luther soon got excommunicated by the church because of his actions which were actually for a good meaning but they wouldn't understand that , they would rather lie to the people and steal their money because they are cruel.
  • Martin Luther was born on November 10 1843 in Germany . He became a teacher at a University and taught people which he really enjoyed it. he later decided to start being a monk at the church.
  • At this point Luther was upset and mad with the Church because they were saving false things which were abuse to the people. And of course since its the church they believe anything they are told by them and Luther did not like this at all. He just didn't like the idea of all the lies
  • Come get ur indulgences !!
  • Since the church did not appreciate Luther's words which were true he decided to make his own group that actually had good deeds , they weren't using people or anything they were a good community
  • This is wrong i cant believe they are all falling for it!
  • Luther couldn't handle it anymore , he had to tell the people and let his words be spoken , he could not stay quiet about it. He wrote the 95 These to explain to everyone what the church was doing was wrong .
  • Luther was sent to to the city of Worms and while he was there he wrote many books and things to help him with his t boredom , he made a lot of progress with his life there and used that time as an opportunity to progress.
  • 95 Theses
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