Fighting fire with fire fallacy
Updated: 3/15/2021
Fighting fire with fire fallacy

Storyboard Text

  • Comic strip 2 panel 1
  • Hey nerd give me your lunch money
  • Stop! you have no reason to be doing this.
  • Comic strip 2 panel 2
  • I said shut up and give me your lunch money
  • This isn't right stop it
  • Comic strip 2 panel 3
  • Excuse me what is going on here??No bullying is allowed
  • It's not my fault. I see other kids doing it
  • Comic strip 2 panel 4
  • Comic strip 2 panel 5
  • Comic strip 2 description
  • This comic strip illustrates the fighting fire with fire fallacy. In the first panel we see a kid bullying another kid into giving him lunch money and we see the kid saying there is no reason for his actions. The next panel shows the kid continuing his bullying behavior after being told to stop and after that an adult shows up asking what was the big issue and stating that bullying was not tolerated. The kid's reasoning to his actions was that he saw other kids doing it which is only putting the blame on what he sees others doing and making it not a good argument.
  • Fighting fire with fire fallacy: wrongly thinking a double negative makes a positive and using other instances as an excuse.
  • Christopher Valencia 3/14/2021 English 1C Professor Wasinger