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Updated: 8/27/2018
Unknown Story
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  • The french had absolute monarchy one in which all sovereign powers are are executed excusably by the king.
  • comparison American, French, and Russian Revolution
  • american had English monarchial and palimentary rule power shared
  • american had English monarchical and parliamentary rule power shared
  • french wanted equality before the law bad economy low wages , tax .
  • reasons for conflict 
  • american dependent on colonial raw matrials and cash materials
  • russian conflict was theybad economy, bad leadership, 2 mill killed not happy with how czer lead.
  • French characteristics of people many were poor not independent minded 2nd state clergy 
  • characteristics of people in he french american Russia revolution
  • - Taxes imposed, usually weighted heaviest on the poor - May 1789 meeting of the Estates Generals: elections - 1788 hail storm damaged grain crops: high prices - Third Estate established the National Assembly - Storming the Bastille
  • american had no legal social work educated and non educated colonies had experience with self government
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