How I had a crush on the love of my life.

Updated: 5/3/2020
How I had a crush on the love of my life.

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  • sorry, I do not know.
  • Hello, excuse me, could you tell me what time the event finishes?
  • Yes, you can join me
  • May I join you?
  • could you tell me what time the event finishes?
  • Where do you live? could I give you a lift?
  • I don't know, but I have to go home
  • No, thanks. You don’t have to take me home.
  • It was raining in the morningand we were in an event outside the cathedral of the city.
  • I'll call you in order that you keep mine
  • ok, I lost my phone number,can I have yours?
  • I'm not used to giving my cell phone number, but here you have it. It's 3153102227
  • ok, but what is your name? Lol
  • it’s a pleasure to meet you! I’m going to my car, if you want me to take you home, You can call me
  • Nice to meet you!
  • ok thanks a bunch!
  • Everything is fine. Would you like something to drink?
  • Hello, how’s everything going?
  • Pretty good and what about you?
  • oh excuse me, my name is JuanCarlos. I am a lieutenant in the army. What’s yours?
  • I’m Valentina
  • After that, we stayed at the officer's chamber, we talked about our lives and then, a parrandon vallenato arrived and he sang to me and he played the accordion in front of everyone there.
  • Next day. He went to my house in order to meet my mother and after that day, we started dating, we were together 3 months, and he used to show me that he loved me, but after a while I found out that he was married and I will not be allowed to continue with him, so I split up with Juanca, nonetheless I still love him.
  • No, I have this for you! chocolates and champagne and I used to wear this navy pin and now I’d like you keep it.