Extrem Sports

Updated: 7/29/2020
Extrem Sports

Storyboard Text

  • Hello dear friend, know if you will go to school tomorrow i have a super plan for the weekend
  • Yes, f coursee, tomorrow i will go to schoool so we will see in the classroom and tell me the plan
  • Of course you count on me extreme sports i like them a long time ago i did motocross
  • The plan that i have for us sir his weekend is to go to a park very close to the city where we can do all the extreme sports that we like, what do you think?
  • Perfect see you then take careGood night
  • My parents agree, so see you at the weekend i come by you
  • Ready for the adventure?
  • Of course i was looking forward to this day
  • This place is beautiful, now we are going to choose which sport to practice first
  • It is true and if you think i propose that we do caving, do you think?