Cognitive development
Updated: 1/31/2020
Cognitive development
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  • Cognitive Development
  • Children around the world proceed through a series of four stages in a fixed order.
  • The four stages of Maturation
  • look mommy a fly.
  • oh, a bee wow!
  • oh no honey that's a bee, be careful they sting.
  • Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist. One of the first to say that kids have four fixed stages through maturing.
  • It is a cat.
  • The four stages of Maturation are: 1. Birth-2 yrs: Sensorimotor: uses senses and motor skills, items know by us. 2. 2-6 yrs: Pre-operational: Symbolic thinking, language used; egocentric thinking. 3. 7-11 yrs: Concrete Operational: Logic applied, has objective/rational interpretations. 4. 12-Adulthood: Formal Operational: Thinks abstractly, hypothetical ideas (broader issues).
  • Object Performance
  • 7-12 months the child will look at the first place you hide it 12-18 the child will look at the last place you hide it
  • 5-7 yrs old most children will began to understand conservation because children are Egocentric
  • Assimilation of knowledge happens when a learn encounters a new idea and must "fit" that idea into what they already know.
  • Critical Period
  • 5 yrs old and puberty is the window of opportunity
  • Accomodation is the learner has to create a new schema or new "file" to organize new information.
  • what's that?
  • Oh, cat!
  • Object Performance is a child's realization that an object exists even when she or he cannot see or touch it.Conservation: A given quantity does not change when it appearance is changed.
  • Critical period is when learning is easiest.
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