segunda conversación
Updated: 5/18/2020
segunda conversación

Storyboard Text

  • 2) Hi Cheryl,great to see you
  • 3) You rarely come to my house
  • 1) Hello Camila, How are you? What a lovely surprise! Come inside
  • 5) Google meet?what's that?
  • 7) oh- for send instad messages or texts
  • 9) Great!, I generally do video call with my friends
  • 4) Have you ever hear to talk about google meet?
  • 6) is a communicate app of google
  • 8) no, is a video call app, like skipe, zoom or house party. to organize meetings in any place.
  • 13) I absolutely hate instand messages
  • 15) oh- Camila i'm waiting a phone call of my mom for oder pizza.
  • 14) I don't like write
  • 16) yeah, pretty idea.
  • 11) I harly ever use video call, but I found it interesting
  • 12) I'd prefer a phone call to a video call
  • 10) I prefer make plans with my friends by email