Vietnam War
Updated: 5/23/2020
Vietnam War

Storyboard Text

  • President Johnson ordered many men to fight in the Vietnam War.
  • Most of us were drafted, we're scared for our lifes!
  • Many marches and protests happened. Many Americans were against the war.
  • Peace and Love!!We don"t want war
  • America lost more than 50,000 men, and ended up losing the war.
  • Vietnamese people were only educated on the troubles between the North and South, and later were turned into soldiers.
  • Who would have ever believed we were farmers?
  • I know right?!
  • Northern Vietnam had the upper hand, with underground tunnels that allowed them to attack US and the South whenever.
  • 100%!!!
  • This is gonna allow us to win the war.
  • Zzzzzz......
  • Civilians on both the North and South were affected. 
  • Our families and friends all dead !!