Murder in Rue Avenue

Updated: 5/21/2020
Murder in Rue Avenue

Storyboard Text

  • Nice to meet you Auguste Dupin and Valeria Velasquez
  • Dupin, I had no ida of how analitic you are, isn´t it?
  • well is something I like
  • An old lady and her daughter where found dead in their apartment
  • It is sad what happened in Rue Morgue
  • the police talked with the neighbors to know if they heard or see something
  • I heard some noises at 3 am. 2 voices one of a French anf the other one I couldn´t recognize
  • Our Mrs was found death in the yard and beaten
  • They first just found This old lady´s daughter in the chimney but now they found Madame L’Espanaye
  • ohh, that´s sad
  • I don´t think that my old friend did such a thing. I need to investigate
  • Dupin´s friend is on jail because of the case and he is not a killer.
  • It´s ok but you need to ask for permission