A thief in the family

Updated: 5/3/2020
A thief in the family

Storyboard Text

  • Look what I found!
  • Oh no, I can't believe Toby would kill our neighbors the Calsons beloved bunny!
  • I know he loves to steal from the neighbors, but this is too far!
  • If we confess, Toby will be taken away from us because he will be considered a threat!
  • Then we will just have to clean it up and put it back in it's cage tonight and act as if it died of natural causes.
  • That Night...
  • OK we put it back. Now let's go before someone sees us!
  • I know, I just feel so guilty about all of this
  • The next morning
  • I still feel so bad about what we did. I just can't believe you would kill their rabbit.
  • Ralph!
  • Oh um hi Mrs. Calson
  • I just had to tell someone this: our rabbit died yesterday so we buried it but this morning I saw it laying dead and all cleaned up in its cage. Isn't that a crazy story?!
  • Uhhh ya. Crazy...