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Chapters 1-5
Updated: 3/24/2018
Chapters 1-5
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  • I'm Ponyboy
  • Hey greaser
  • I'm Johnny
  • I'm Dally 
  • Chapter 1 is were Ponyboy introduces the gang, where he lives, and who he is. Ponyboy also gets beaten up by a few socs. We also learn that socs is an abbreviation for a social which is a west-side rich kid.
  • I'm Darry
  • I'm Sodapop
  • I'm Two-Bit
  • In Chapter 2 Ponyboy, Dally, Two-bit, and Johnny sneak into an outdoor movie theater. There they meet two socs girls one a red head named Cherry Valance and the other Marcia. Dally starts annoying them then Johnny tells Dally to cut it out Dally gets mad and leaves. Later Cherry and Ponyboy are talking and Ponyboy tells Cherry that Johnny got beaten up horribly by socs riding in a blue Mustang.
  • Hello, there 
  • Don't annoy them
  • In chapter 3 Cherry and Marcia realize that they have no way to get home so Two-bit offers them a ride in his car. While walking to the car they see a blue mustang with a few socs in it. Cherry says that it's their boyfriends Randy and Bob. The socs walk out of the car and want to pick a fight with the gang but Cherry says that they'll ride with them and that she hates fights. The girls leave and ponyboy goes home to find Darry mad and Darry slaps him and Ponyboy runs away.
  • Our boyfriends
  • Who?
  • Oh no they came 
  • In chapter 4 Johnny and Ponyboy decide to walk the 2 blocks to the park. At the park they see 5 socs and try to runaway but it's to late and Johnny and Ponyboy are being attcked. Ponyboy passes out and when he wakes up he sees Bob dead. Johnny had killed him. Later they go to Dally to find out what they have to do next to not be caught by the police.
  • I killed him. oh no
  • What do we do now?
  • Dally tells the boys to go to Windrexville where they'll find an old church to hide out there. Johnny and Ponyboy are all alone. Then Dally comes and buys them breakfast. Ponyboy recieves a letter from Sodapop. 
  • yeah I know
  • Hey don't you look hungry
  • To Be Continued...
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