Lamb To The Slaughter

Updated: 6/16/2021
Lamb To The Slaughter

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • how was yoor day darling
  • fine.
  • Initial Incident
  • There it is. I know its a tough time but ill give you money and you're taken care of
  • whats the matter?
  • Rising action
  • I will grab something to cook for supper to see if I can change his mind. Maybe lamb?
  • I'm not hungry. I am going out to eat
  • in the expostion, we are introduced to, Mary Maloney, the main character. Whom is super inlove with her husband Patrick maloney. Mary is six months pregnebt. The story takes place in their home in a living room, but pactric seems to be acting weird
  • Climax
  • I just murdered my husband
  • The conflict of this story is brought up when Patrick announces he wants a divorce. He knows it was a bad time to leave Mary, but assures her that he is going to lend her money and make sure she is taken care of.
  • Resolution
  • In the rising action Mary is convinced that what her husband said isn't true. She believes if she cooks something for dinner that he will forget about the divorce. Mary grabs a leg of lamb out of the freezer. although her husband insist that he is not hungry and was going out.
  • Denouement
  • the eveidence is probably right under our noses
  • *giggles*
  • In the climax Mary hits Patrick in the back of the head with the leg of lamb and kills him. She then proceeds to put the leg of lamb into the oven and goes to the supermarket. When she arrives back home she calls the police and acts in shock about the murder of her husband.
  • I just went to the supermarket and i found him dead when i came home
  • In the falling action, Mary says to th epolice that she foud her husband dead. The police investagate, but cannot find any evidence. Mary insist to the police that they must have dinner at her house.
  • You guys must be terribly hungry by by now because it's long past your suppertime. why don't you eat up that lamb i have in the oven
  • In the denouement Mary sits them down and feeds them the lamb leg (the murder weapon) and Mary giggles cause she knows they are eating the last bit of evidence. The police eat the leg of lamb and do not suspect anything.