Global Humanities
Updated: 11/12/2018
Global Humanities
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A timeline of the making cities.

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  • First, there were hunter-gatherers, living in the wilderness. 
  • We have one source of food, and travel in small groups.
  • Then, we learned how to farm,but we weren't very good at it...
  • Not a lot of food..
  • So...HARD! WHYYYY!!!!
  • No tools!
  • But then we got tools and advanced farming began! This lead to a surplus of food which allowed a bigger population.
  • A surplus!
  • Hey, this is WAY easier!
  • Tools!
  • Then, we had small towns that didn't work very well as a civilazation
  • He stole my bag!
  • Hehehe!
  • But then we developed writing to help count and write down laws.
  • You are sentenced to 4mo. in JAIL!
  • This led to safer, better functioning cities.
  • To City Center
  • TØP Shop
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