The Lost Clan Heir: Prologue

Updated: 7/29/2020
The Lost Clan Heir: Prologue

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  • Prologue
  • For centuries, our land has been at war by our brothers.
  • We've been fighting to gain control of every territory in our vast mainland.
  • But soon, it ended when the Romans began to invade our areas causing us to establish our brotherhood in order to get rid of them.
  • In the end we managed to defeat the Romans, but due to our alliance, our clan chieftains decided to unite our tribes by choosing someone as their king in order to stabilize our brotherhood. And that man was none other than Angus the Abominable, chief of Clan Armstrong.
  • Angus has led our clans into an era of peace and harmony and the throne was passed down from heir to heir of the Armstrong clan.
  • But as the years went by, the era that was meant to be kept forever has been broken, and the Armstrong clan's heritage began to fall. As new enemies and traitors began to terrorize and break apart our rich country that was once peaceful, our newly crowned King David must find a way to re-establish our country and find a new heir to the throne before it's too late.