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Updated: 3/27/2020
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  • August
  • Going to School
  • Seeing school for the first time
  • Hello Mrs. Pullman
  • Hello Mr. Tushman
  • August is the main character of this story.When he was born he has some birth defect that caused him to look unlike other kids. Even though he is a normal kid at heart others are still scared of him because of his appearance.
  • After the Visit
  • He was really mean and he only pretended to be nice in front of adults
  • When driving back from his best friends house, August parents are discussing whether he should go to public school or not. Since it is late Auggie's parents think him and his older sister Olivia are asleep. Little do they know that Auggie was not asleep and he was listening to everything his parents were saying and he said that he didn't want to go to public school since he has been homeschooled his whole life.
  • First Day of School
  • What happened to your face?
  • Auggie's first time seeing the school was a month before school actually started and he went with his mom. The principal greets both him and his mom and the principal says that some students are there to show Auggie around the school.
  • End of September
  • The kids that were showing Auggie around school were nice for the most part except for Julian. When Auggie and his mom returned home he told his mom everything that happened. How Julian asked him what happened to his face and just assumed Auggie was stupid because he was home schooled.
  • For Auggie's first day of school his whole family walks him to school. Since he doesn't look like other kids he keeps his head down the whole time. Once class starts and Auggie gets called up to get his folder Julian begins to be mean to Auggie again.
  • By the end of September Auggie has been in school for about a month and a half. Even though it has been a short amount of time, Auggie has changed a lot about himself. And even though he likes school there are still struggles he has to deal with.
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