Fantasy Work

Updated: 5/28/2020
Fantasy Work

Storyboard Text

  • Close to the enchanted forest of Neahoimanya there lived a hero called Bekfast.
  • One day when Bekfast went for a walk, some tigers came to him and told him that the Bean Jewel had been stolen. The tigers took him to the location where it happened.
  • He kept on following them until he reached the place. The Bean Diamond was gone. He saw some footsteps leading away from the cave. So he followed them.
  • He followed and it took him to a creepy forest. But the footsteps kept on going, so he kept on following.
  • After walking for several hours he found a castle. He thought it looked like Dr Evil's Castle. Then Dr Evil came out of the castle with the Bean Diamond.
  • They had a little conversation then Bekfast pushed Dr Evil and grabbed the diamond. He started running and Dr Evil started chasing him.