Gringo in Medellin
Updated: 11/7/2020
Gringo in Medellin

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  • Once in Medellin i was at a Little store . I had been seeing some of the stuff when i heard someone say hello to the owner and called her "Marica" i had heard it there before, so as i thought i was courtesy called her the same. they laughed.
  • Good morning Marica. can i get one of those please?
  • haha of course darling, but you need to know something just in case...
  • Marica it´s in fact a bad word, here we just use it with close friends
  • Then, i hade been looking for a street called "San Juan", when i realized the streets doesn't had names, but numbers. i had never seen it, so at first i thought the abbreviations of "avenue" and "street in spanish" were actually abbreviations of the names.
  • excuse me, could you please tell me the complete names of these streets,. it confusing that all of them has the same initials.
  • well, we know the streets by the numbers, but i can help you to find the one you need
  • Cll .70
  • Cra. 47.
  • finally, one of the things that happened to me a lot was that a lot of people called me "Mona" but i had studied a little bit of spanish and i knew it was an animal, the female therm of monkey. so at first i got mad on them cause i thought it was an insult.
  • Hi Mona, would you like tu buy soome gifts at this store?
  • OMG what unrespectful are all of you! do i look like an animal? that's what you think?
  • it´s no that. we just call gringos "mono" or "mona" because of your blond hair basically
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