Chapter 11 NERVE
Updated: 1/17/2021
Chapter 11 NERVE

Storyboard Text

  • VEE
  • I can do it, I just need to go in.
  • IAN
  • Time to start earning our prizes!
  • Have you booth kissed?
  • Hey Vee, I'm Gayle!
  • So, what do you think about Ian?
  • The Watchers can follow the interview through the camera embedded in the screen.
  • Um, that's kind of private...
  • He's a great guy!
  • Who is Gayle? Is she the brains behind NERVE?
  • If you do anything that violates the integrity of a dare, NERVE may issue a consequence to make future dares more difficult.
  • You're playing as a team with six other players. If one of you fail a grand prize dare, you'll all lose your prizes.
  • Are you already excited about the next dare?
  • I'm more nervous than anything else.
  • Alright.
  • We'll start with a few icebreaker dares, so let's relax..
  • Okay, so cheating isn't possible. But would anyone ever think of me as one who cheats?
  • I feel so queasy, this interview was so fake...
  • We're here together. Let's play!
  • You know... I have no doubts, it's too late to go back anyway.
  • The exit's right here.
  • Maybe, it's better we don't let whoever's inside know we're uhh, so together.
  • Makes us more of a target.
  • Welcome to the grand prize dares!
  • Hey, I'm Ian!