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The courtcase
Updated: 4/23/2020
The courtcase
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  • The Beginning of the Case!
  • Bob Ewell Appears!
  • A Last Ditch Effort!
  • This shows Atticus, Tom Robinson, and Mayella Ewell in the courthouse. Their faces represent what rhetorical appeals they are. Atticus represents the logos because he uses logic and facts to support his argument. He also uses ethos as he is credible and respected. Mayella resembles pathos as she just uses the fact that something bad to her happened as her main driving points in her case.
  • The exposing of Bob and Mayella Ewell!
  • As the case goes on Bob Ewell walks in and uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos because just him saying that he found him "rutton on" Mayella makes the entire court turn instantly sour towards Tom Robinson despite no proof.
  • The Intentional Espionage!
  • Atticus knowing that this is false uses pathos in a court that is completely run by pathos, which is a smart move. He exclaims in a last ditch effort to quell the hate, "You know the truth some Negroes lie... Some immoral... But this applies to the human race and not a race of humans" (204).
  • All Was Lost!
  • The injuries on Mayella could've only been caused by a left-handed person. Because of the clever observations made by Atticus he realized that Tom Robinson's left arm was so badly injured that he couldn't even function or do a vow of the oath with only his left arm. He deduces that it must've been Bob Ewell that abused her and that she was embarrassed that she had lusted for a person a color.
  • Mayella Ewell had intentional bruises that were obvious to everyone, but the court didn't even bother to get her a doctor. The court didn't even check if she was raped they just based off the racial prejudice against people of color and used against Tom Robinson.
  • After the case, the judges had a quick and easy talk. One judge backed down because he knew what they were doing and he was conviced, the other 11, however didn't back down because of his race.
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