westward expansion
Updated: 1/21/2020
westward expansion
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  • Homestead act
  • Luisiana Purchase 1803
  • 15 Million
  • Mexican Cession 1848
  • Have our land
  • Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • This act encouraged western migration by providing setters with 160 acres of land in exchange for a small fee and they had to be productive as well as live there for 5 years to receive ownership of the land.
  • Oregon Teritory 1846
  • This was the purchase or a large chunk of land originally owned by the French for 15 million dollars which instantly doubled the size o the United States at the time.
  • Texas Annexation 1845
  • The Mexican Cession is the region in the modern-day southwestern United States that Mexico ceded to the U.S. in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 after the Mexican–American War.
  • Creation of tanscotinental railroad/Gadsden purchase
  • In 1846, the Oregon boundary dispute between the U.S. and Britain was settled with the signing of the Oregon Treaty and the us recovered the territory on the south.
  • Oregon treaty of 1846
  • The Texas annexation was the annexation of the Republic of Texas into the United States of America, which was admitted to the Union as the 28th state
  • Texas is now the 28th state f the U.S
  • The Gadsden Purchase, or Treaty, was an agreement between the United States and Mexico, finalized in 1854, in which the United States agreed to pay Mexico $10 million for a 29,670 square mile portion of Mexico
  • 10Million
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